If your firm or community requires full-time representation in Washington, DC, there are hundreds of firms that want your business. Many of these firms will have former Senators and Members of Congress under contract and some may have former cabinet secretaries or other former government officials on the payroll. And, these firms will most likely occupy prime real estate in Georgetown, a block from the White House, or near Capitol Hill. But, how does this impact the client experience?

For the most part this means clients are billed expensive monthly retainers that pay for large salaries and nice furniture in expensive office suites. Very little of this makes any difference on the issues that matter to clients. In fact, many clients that sign with a large firm discover that once a contract is signed, it becomes a bit more difficult to get the very principals on the phone that justified the expensive retainer. The work is done, but not by the individuals the client believed they were hiring.

In larger firms where the principals take an active interest in client needs, these individuals go directly to Senators or Members of Congress who then pass the matter to staff to resolve. Part of the value proposition for clients at Tambala Strategy is the understanding of how laws are drafted and the staff work process that produces legislation. Tambala Strategy can achieve a similar positive outcome for clients by going directly to the staff that do the actual work of crafting legislation, and in the process provide a better value for clients.

Client needs will vary and may be best served by a large firm. For clients seeking an effective alternative, Tambala Strategy offers lower cost representation backed by almost thirteen years of legislative experience. And, clients can have confidence that the person who signs the contract will be the person who does the work.

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