Philosophy of Service

Ask anyone on the street which is more persuasive in Washington, DC, money or facts, and I’d be surprised if facts won. The influence of constant fundraising on American government cannot be dismissed; however, neither can the impact of reasoned, informed and properly communicated policy positions.

My 12 years of experience in the Congress taught me that the most effective means of advocacy remains providing accurate, unbiased and timely information to individuals in government directly responsible for policy development. This basic tenet of advocacy exists for both the Congress and federal agencies and is best summed up by a former Speaker of the House who said, “Get the policy right and the politics will follow.”

In the Congress, this begins with engaging staff to understand Member agendas and providing actionable information so staff may achieve the policy goals of their principals. In the agencies it involves helping clients become partners with government to ensure policy solutions are sound, practical and effective.

The nation suffers when government dictates public policy as much as it does when industry controls government. The philosophy of service at Tambala Strategy is to engage at the intersection of government and enterprise so that both client needs and the public good are promoted.

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